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MERLIN Messaging Release 4.0 System Administration gives you the ability to set up and manage a MERLIN Messaging Release 4.0 system from a PC instead of using the existing MERLIN Messaging touch-tone interface. Using
MERLIN Messaging Release 4.0 System Administration, you can
• Program the system (for example, security, system language, etc.),
• Program mailbox extensions,
• Program the Automated Attendants,
• Administer system group lists and personal group lists,
• Administer and activate the Record-a-Call feature for mailboxes,
• Back up and restore the MERLIN Messaging system,
• Program delay announcements,
• Administer language prompt upgrades,
• Administer Automated Attendant recordings, sub menu recordings,
announcement recordings, and delay announcement recordings, and
• Administer the Unified Messaging Application (if installed), which enables
users to access voice mail messages from their email accounts. After the Unified Messaging Application is installed and administered, when the user receives voice mail, the system automatically forwards the voice message (as a .WAV file) to the user’s email account. The user can listen to the message at the PC.

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